All the products shown on this website are manufactured here in England by Tavismanor Limited.
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MeterMade 16 & 25

the fast and safe way to strip 25mm2 and
16mm2 meter cables

TELLTAIL Cable Markers

the all-in-one safety collar and cable markers

Minim 2.5

self adjusting cutting and stripping tool
0.08 - 2.5mm2

Maxim 6

self adjusting cutting and stripping tool
0.2 - 6mm2

Maxim 16

Self adjusting cutting and stripping tool
6 - 16mm2

Rotax 29 & 40

heavy duty triple-action cable strippers


safe and fast access to catenary wires on overhead cables

Dropwire Splitter

The original "butterfly" Dropwire stripper

Dropfibre Splitter

The original "butterfly" Dropfibre stripper


quick and safe stripping of the outer jacket on UTP/STP data and LAN cables

Strip & Fit

quickly and safely strips the outer jacket and inner wires of flexible cables


coaxial cable stripper 2 or 3 level strips factory set for each size of cable