Maxim 6

Self-adjusting cutting and stripping tool for PVC insulated wires and cables

This innovative design uses precision carbon steel "laminated stripping blades" that automatically form around the insulation to provide quick and accurate safe stripping.

The patented mechanism delivers a smooth and efficient cutting and stripping action to greatly reduce hand operating forces.

The sliding wire-stop is easily adjusted to preset exact strip lengths and the integral wire/cable cutter is shielded for safety.

All of the plastic components are made from high quality engineering grade polymers and all the metal parts are made from the finest carbon steels to ensure a reliable long life performance.

Wire and Cable Types

Cuts and strips round or flat PVC insulated wires and cables

Dimensions and Weights

205mm x 105mm x 19mm - 0.2kg

Cutting and Stripping Capacity

0.2mm2 (24AWG) to 6.0mm2 (10AWG)